Cooperhaus Team Members

CALVIN COOPER has been involved with dogs for over 60 years. His interest in dogs was obvious from the young age of 7 or 8 years old when he and his brother, while growing up in Merced, Ca. would use mongrels and greyhounds for hunting rabbits, pheasants, and other wild game. Later, Cal furthered his involvement with dogs while residing in Bakersfield, Ca. Not only  did he continue to hunt with greyhounds, but he also became interested in “war dogs” and protection training. Cal purchased his first Doberman Pinscher   as a sophomore in high school in 1952. Upon completion of his military career   as a soldier in 1957, Cal relocated to San Jose, where he graduated from San Jose State in 1963.

In the early 1960′s Cal was a founding member of ‘Diensthunde Inc.’ and was appointed ‘head trainer’ of the El Camino Chapter. ‘Diensthunde Inc.’ (service dog) was a dog training club that preceded Schutzhund in the United States. Dogs trained by Cal ranked within the top positions in the first Schutzhund      Trial held in the United States at Searsville Lake, Woodside, Ca. Cal     established Cooperhaus K9 in 1971 and is known as a well respected dog breeder and trainer. He bred and raised Doberman Pinschers in the 50′s, but   has focused on breeding quality German Shepherds since the 60′s, after acquiring a dog out of the world renowned ‘Bodo Von Lierberg’.  Cal started breeding Rottweilers in the 1970′s. Cal’s honesty and reputation are beyond reproach.

BRENT COOPER has been training dogs for over 30 years. He has also been involved in the breeding of German Shepherds and Rottweilers since early childhood. He trained his first dog in obedience and protection at the young age of seven years old, under the direction of his father, Calvin. Brent has been conducting private, group obedience and protection classes in the San Jose area on an on-going basis since he was sixteen years old. As a teenager, Brent also conducted group obedience training classes for the City of San Jose.  Understanding the way dogs think and behave, Brent is able to predict a dog’s action based on it’s demeanor. Brent’s expertise was developed from daily interactions with dogs since early childhood. He is an expert in dealing with dogs that display extreme aggression, shyness, hyper activity, dog aggression, and many other problem behaviors.

Currently, Brent continues to work with clients throughout California for obedience training, protection training and solving problem behaviors, while also maintaining a German Shepherd breeding kennel in the San Jose area. Brent has been involved in the training of literally thousands of dogs and therefore has developed an uncanny ability to understand how dogs think.

  • Brent is an A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.
  • Member of the United States Schutzhund Club.
  • Member of the Menlo Park Schutzhund Club.

DEXTER CLAY was first introduced to the Cooper family some 30 years ago (1990). It was shortly after that intro when he was gifted his first German Shepherd puppy (Topaz) from the Cooperhaus bloodline. Needless to say, Dexter was hooked after receiving his new companion. Through the oversight and the mentorship of Calvin Cooper, Dexter started the process of becoming dog trainer. In the initial stages of his the training, he worked not only with his young pup in the working dog disciplines/behaviors but he himself was trained as an agitator in the field work of protection training.


Today, Dexter prides himself on his love for dogs and his ability to take what he’s learned over the years, not only from the Cooper family but from clients as well. Often one will see Dexter enthusiastically chatting with clients during and outside of training mode. He not only loves the interaction he has with dogs he values the relationship he has with the owner just as much.   You will often hear him say, the phrase “dog training” is a misnomer. “The phrase ‘dog training’ should be restated to ‘dog and people training’. 30 to 40% of the training is the dog. The other 60 to 70% is the handler.”

ANTHONY HARDY – Bio coming soon.


JASON HILLARD’s relationship started with Cooperhaus K9 over 20 years ago when he obtained a German Shepherd puppy from Cooperhaus. From the moment he took Nala home it sparked an immediate interest in training. Jason began volunteering his services in an effort to learn more about training and over the past 20 years he has mastered the skills of a protection dog decoy.


Jason is not only the manager of the protection-training program but he also manages Cooperhaus K9’s breeding program. He has become very knowledgeable in the area of pedigrees and understands the importance of breeding quality German Shepherds for their health, temperament and workability. Jason is dedicated to breeding and training working dogs that will become multipurpose family companions and protectors.

IGNACIO BERMUDEZ-TABAREZ is an integral part of the Cooperhaus K9 training staff.  He trained directly under Brent Cooper (master trainer) and Jason Hillard (lead protection trainer).  He has developed a great insight into dog training for the everyday owner, competitively motivated owner (Schutzhund), and anything in between.  


Ignacio strives to ensure that all clients understand the training methods used during his instruction. More importantly, he has a great knack at explaining the training process that would allow the handler and dog to meet the desired goal.  


Ignacio is a creative trainer that is always searching for different ways to take the training to the next level.  He is equipped to teach private lessons, group, and other specialty classes such as; puppy, agility, focus, and protection. 


Ignacio also competes in the sport training of Schutzhund in which is he is well on his way to claim many titles with his dog Frisko Berner vom Cooperhaus.


KEITH BENDIXEN worked as an apprentice directly under the supervision of Brent Cooper and developed into a top-notch trainer.  Keith has great communication skills and a very positive attitude in regards to customer interactions.  He is always willing to go the extra mile to help a struggling dog owner.  He is very patient and has the ability to deal with even the most difficult dogs in a calm manner.   


Keith instructs our puppy classes, private lessons and all levels of group classes.  He is also involved and provides leadership in the training of our premier Cooperhaus K9 dogs that are available for purchase.  If it that wasn’t enough, Keith puts his body at risk on weekly basis as one of the Cooperhaus K9 most knowledgeable and athletic protection training decoys.