Agility Sessions

If you are looking for a safe and secure place like other like-minded dog owners, to exercise your dog, look no further! Cooperhaus offers an agility room where you can bring your dog and work them out. Build your dog’s confidence, strength, and their bond with you through the use of our agility equipment.

A Cooperhaus agility membership allows you to come in, without an appointment, and use agility equipment during designated hours. Not sure you can commit to a monthly membership? Drop-in rates as well as private rental times and agility classes are available.

Note: check the Calendar dates and times for scheduled agility classes

  • Agility Session
  • Our agility equipment includes:

    • Wobble balance board
    • teeter totter
    • weave poll
    • pause table
    • jumps
    • balance beam bridge
    • A-frame
  • $40/ hour
  • Book
  • Private Agility Room Rental
    • Minimum 4 dogs required to book session.
    • Maximum 10 dog allowed.
    • $15 per Dog over 4 dogs
  • $160/ hour
  • Book Rental