Obedience Training and Socialization

As of 7/1/2018, an evaluation appointment must be scheduled for anyone prior to enrolling in Obedience Foundation or Level 1 Obedience training courses. To schedule an evaluation, please call 1-844-935-6693. You can also reserve online through our service menu.

Cooperhaus K9 specializes in training all breeds of dogs.   Our methods are fully customizable to fit your individual needs and goals. Programs are designed to create a stronger bond between you and your dog while training them to adapt in real life situations.

We offer different levels of obedience classes in group or private settings. Specialty classes such as Agility, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) prep, Reactive Dog and Puppy Socials are also offered.

Cooperhaus K9 believes in a balance between correction and reward based training. Audible and visual distractions are used that simulate environments in real life. Commands are most commonly taught in English and/or German (inquire for other languages).

Protection Dog Training

Prior to entering the protection training program, your dog’s instinctual drives will be evaluated along with their obedience and socialization skills. We responsibly work each dog to the best of their potential using a wide range of training techniques.

Cooperhaus K9 protection training range from family protection dog to business-security dog programs.

Class Levels

To explore our course outline, select a training option from the below.

Group Obedience Training

Puppy Class

Pup must be 12 weeks - 5 months old.

Socialization - you will learn how to interact with your pup in a positive manner using toys, food, and other socialization techniques

Introduction To Obedience

Pup must be 5 months - 1 year of age. Prior to enrolling in this class, please schedule an evaluation appointment by calling 1-844-935-6693. You can also reserve online through our service menu.






Level 1

Pup must be 1 year of age. Prior to attending this class, please schedule an evaluation appointment by calling 1-844-935-6693. You can also reserve online through our service menu.






Recall From a Distance

Level 2

Proficiency of Level 1 Behaviors

Heel From a Recall

Recall From Free Time

Heel Over Another Dog

Down In Motion

Sit In Motion

Up On Command

Off Leash Heeling

Down/Sit From a Distance

Down On Recall

Level 3

Proficiency Of Level 2 Behaviors

Off Leash Heeling


Move Backwards On Heel

Sit On Recall

Elevated Distractions Training

Successful Testing Required to Advance to Level 4

Level 4

Proficiency Of Level 3 Behaviors

Stand On Recall

Stand In Motion

Send Out

Extreme Socialization w/Dogs and People

Performance w/Limited Commands

Distance Performance

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Protection Dog Training

Level 1

Back-tie agitation – This is the beginning stage for all dogs. The purpose this exercise is for:

Assess the dogs natural suspicion level when approached by a stranger

Develop consistent, aggressive bark

Develop firm, confident bite

Level 2

Pre-requisite: On leash obedience (sit, heel, stay and down with distraction)

On leash “alert” on stranger

On leash bite

On leash bark and hold

On leash attack on the handler

Out command introduction

Level 3

Pre-requisite: Off leash obedience control (sit, heel, stay, down and recall with distraction, including gun fire)

Off leash attack on handler

Out command perfected

Off leash bark and hold introduction

Call off (Dog is able to called off prior to actually biting the attacker)

Alert on passive or aggressive attacker

Muzzle work

Bite suit introduction (bicep, forearm and leg bites)

Level 4

Pre-requisite: Owner must demonstrate that dog is under absolute obedience control on and off leash regardless of high-level distractions.

Muzzle work

Carjacking scenarios

Multiple attackers

Strong off leash bark and hold

Hidden sleeve work

Real life scenario based training

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Specialty Classes


Evaluation with a Cooperhaus trainer to ensure pets and pet handler are in the appropriate class. An evaluation must be completed before starting an obedience course..

Dock Diving

It's dock diving and swimming. So if your dog doesn't dive, he/she will definitely learn to swim.

Pack Walk

An opportunity for you and your 4 legged pal to participate in a trainer led excursion. Outside the pleasure of being outdoors and obtaining some welcomed exercise, such ventures allows for you to gauge your training progress in environments outside the training facility


Build your dog’s confidence, strength, and their bond with you through the use of our agility equipment

Agility training is all about building a common language between dog and owner. It teaches you to use body language to communicate clearly and effectively

Agility provides the kind of exercise that actually improves a dog’s behavior. Have you ever taken your dog for a long run, only to bring him home and find that he’s actually more hyper and crazy than when you started? That’s because vigorous exercise is good for your dog's body, but it does nothing to exercise his/her brain

Nose Work

Want to give your dog a job to do in which he/she is guaranteed to be successful. This is it. In this class, the dog learns to use his/her most powerful sense, the nose. Depending on the dog’s ability and advancement, he/she will learn to sniff out the targeted specimen. And most importantly, he’ll have fun doing it.


The main objective of rally is to produce dogs that have been trained to behave in the home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs

Rally offers both the dogs and handlers an experience that is fun and energizing

Canine Good Citizen

Each test item is taught and reviewed

Practice tests are given prior to the actual test

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  • Private Session
  •  (Single 1 hour class)


    One-on-one with a trainer – this option maximizes your training time and provides a focus to you and your companion’s needs

  • $175per dog
  • Book An Appointment
  • Private Obedience Session
  • (5 one hour classes over a five week period)


      • On leash obedience


      • Basics of off leash obedience


      Dog socialization
  • $800per 5 classes
  • Contact Us for scheduling
  • Private Home Training Visit
  • One trainer meets at your home or place of business for 1 hour of training



  • Price Varies
  • Contact us for Pricing
  • Group Obedience Training (Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • (Single one hour class)












  • $50per dog
  • Schedule & Purchase
  • Group Obedience Training (Puppy Class and Introduction To Obedience)
  • (Single one hour class)











  • $45per Dog
  • Schedule & Purchase
  • Protection Dog Training
  • Training session duration varies depending on dog’s experience level









    (A session is approximately 10 to 15 minutes)

  • $35.00per session
  • Schedule & Purchase